Weve used this setup for clients and personally recommend the integration between the two.  We thought it would be a great idea to integrate a client’s simple order form with their client invoicing and accounting system.  Thankfully; there’s a couple plugins you can download that simplifies all of this.  If you’re not sure what Freshbooks is — it’s an accounting package in the cloud.  No more exports and backups – easier time and project tracking – and a mobile app to help enter expenses.  We love Freshbooks here and have even recommended it to some of our clients – who are using the system now.

The FreshBooks Add-On allows you to integrate with FreshBooks without any manual programming. It lets you create a client when a form is submitted, and you can also create an invoice or estimate automatically from form data that is submitted. Just keep in mind that the invoices and estimates are not automatically sent by FreshBooks, it just creates then in FreshBooks. You would then review them, make any revisions and then send them from FreshBooks. But it allows you to use a Gravity Form to populate this information so you don’t have to re-key it.

Probably one of the biggest advantages of CMS systems today is to ingrate with payment systems.   This new developer plugin for GravityForms makes it easy to sell products and services from your website and have it update and estimate or invoice your clients.   Freshbooks has been around for a while and has completely simplified web invoicing and time tracking for us, and this new integration is just an even better idea.  I can certainly see many applications of this new technology.  If your small business would like to integrate it’s website with Freshbooks, click this link to try out Freshbooks for free…


If you are using Gravity Forms; check out the new plugin to integrate with your web forms with your Freshbooks account.

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

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