Are you wasting your marketing dollars?

Why a strategic SEO plan is money way better spent.

314media knows SEO, or search engine optimization, via several years of trial and error. We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years dominate their industries and niches and have enjoyed nice returns ourselves by ensuring our clients complete satisfaction and assuring them the greatest ROI for their money. We under promise and over deliver.

Several of our staff members have their own personal blogs and have learned via trial and error what works, and what doesn’t. The key to a successful SEO campaign is content. However, content alone won’t win you the top spots, knowing how to present that content to the search engines and to potential customers is critical, and we do it better than most others. Moreover, knowing what your customers are searching for, and how they’re searching for it is important too, why waste money advertising in ways that people aren’t searching?  Some clients have spent thousands on terms they though would bring in the most traffic — It turns out the budget has been spent and the website has received very little (if any) increases in visitors. At 314media; we like to “think” like the search engines, and we can show you how to as well. Of course, you could spend the time to learn all this yourself, but by then, your competition will have left you in the dust.

We know how to outrank your competition even when they’ve had the top spot for the keyword term you’ve been targeting for years. We don’t play dirty and would never employ black-hat SEO tactics to gain top spots that will only last a month or two, we use time tested strategies to gain the top spots via organic keyword marketing to leave your competition behind, because we simply know how to do it more effectively.  Not to mention, we can keep in you in those top spots for years to come.

What’s better then, spending marketing or advertising dollars promoting your products, or driving customers to your business via organic search engine traffic? To answer this question, we must break down the options. We’ve done both, a thorough search engine optimization campaign is money well spent compared to a straight out advertising campaign for multiple reasons:

  • A Marketing or Advertising campaign only lasts as long as you’re dumping money into it, a thorough search engine campaign will bring residual traffic for years to come.
  • A poor marketing or advertising campaign can turn off potential customers. Advertise the wrong way and you may lose customers forever.
  • Search engine traffic is increasing exponentially (increase of over 400% from 2009 to 2010), you must have a dominant web presence if you want to compete in the new market.
  • You can find out what your customers want that you’re not offering with SEO. Try and get that from an ad in the paper or on the web.
  • You can easily change what and who you’re targeting, with ad campaigns you may sink money into a campaign that’s just too costly to throw away. With SEO, we can change direction in real time, saving you money and helping you get the most ROI.

This list could go on for hours, but I’ve captured some of the larger points that hopefully help convince you of what you need to do, Contact Us now to get a free evaluation of your current efforts and learn how we can more effectively target your market.

We have options for most any budget, and you’re going to see results immediately in most cases. We’re looking forward to hearing from you — tell us about your current campaign and we are happy answer most questions you may have about how we can improve! Let us develop a strategic plan for your business to more effectively target and dominate your market.  Just click to contact us