Dental SEO – SEO & Marketing for Dental Professionals

Dental SEO – SEO & Marketing for Dental Professionals

If your dental practice would like to increase its local exposure on the internet,  it’s in your best interest to hire a dental SEO company like 314media for all of your web design, SEO, and internet marketing needs.

We have a full team of content writers, web designers, SEO experts, and marketing consultants ready to help you get picked up by the major search engines and get your website noticed by more potential patients– instead of  getting lost in the list of results and becoming virtually invisible on the internet. We offer affordable SEO & Internet Marketing for dentists and dental practitioners and we provide a quality service at an affordable price.  We want to help your business succeed on the internet and will work hard to make sure your dental website is creating new leads and generating new patients for your dental practice.

Our Dental Website is Old & Outdated – Can we even do an SEO or Internet Marketing?

One of the things 314media can do as your internet marketing company is to make your dental website more inviting and more attractive to customers. If your website isn’t inviting or attractive looking, it doesn’t matter how much traffic it gets because people simply won’t be drawn in to your practice by way of your website. We will take the time to make your site look better and more professional as we showcase your expertise in your practice and throughout your local practice area. We know local search; and we know how to attract new local patients online.  A new internet marketing campaign from 314media will help your dental practice reach more of your local target audience – more effectively & for much less than traditional marketing or advertising campaigns.  314media also offers competitive dental WordPress web design & development to leverage the power of the best personal publishing platform for your dental practice.

When we are done optimizing the call to action and graphic elements, and finished updating and re-writing your website content, people will feel comfortable coming to you for the first time for any of the dental work that they may need done.  Patient intake and basic ADA webforms are also available for integration into your website for those who want to use the web for patient pre-registration and basic data collection.  Contact us to learn more about our web design and development services and learn how we can help you to take advantage of our experience to streamline your dental practice business processes.

Our team specializes in medical and dental blogging and content writing, online review and reputation management, and social media marketing. These concepts all work together to increase the success and visibility of your dental practice’s website through organic search engine marketing or SEO / SEM.   These key marketing  components are ideal for keeping in touch with your patients and keeping the local public informed about the latest news about your particular business.   Social media can also help your practice gather patient feedback without being too formal.  Local review sites are critical to your dental practice’s success in gathering new prospective patients.

When designed and used correctly, social media and organic search engine optimization (SEO) will allow your dental website to attract patients and build a following that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find with traditional advertising. You can make posts about special deals that you have going on or anything else that your patients would like to know about and it can be seen by thousands of real, local people – in just a matter of seconds.

At 314media, we utilize all of the resources on the internet and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We want to build your trust and confidence when you hire us to create and build  or promote your dental website through our dental SEO services. Be sure to contact our SEO professionals today to find out how we can help you build your customer base through a better online presence.

Contact 314media to learn how we can help your dental practice achieve better online success and build a more effective on-line presence through dental SEO or website design.

Why does my dental practice website need SEO?  What can I do on my own?

For some dentists who are in the beginning stages of building their dental practice, SEO may be the furthest thing from their mind. But experienced business owners know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and the strategies that they utilize. Whether you are a new dental practice or one who has used SEO in the past, here are a few things you should know.

Local Search Results & Keywords are Vital. In the world of dental SEO and websites for dental professionals, keywords are one of the most essential parts of your success. Relevant keywords are what get the attention of the various search engines and your dental website simply cannot compete without focusing on the different ways that people search for your specific services.  It’s important to do the necessary research on the relevant keywords before choosing what to focus you website on. A competent and professional SEO firm like 314media can do that for your dental practice to ensure your website is written to attract new local visitors, is optimized for the different ways that people search, and is correctly configured to ensure success and proper indexing with the most common search engines.

Page Titles Increase Success. Focusing on different ways that people search for your content  is important, but it’s also essential to have a great title for your pages so that people are interested and want to click to read about your dental practice. You only have a few words to get a reader’s attention so adding something to “stand out” will help prevent them from moving to the next website. Titles are also more important because Google has started ignoring meta tags and other methods that some SEO experts have used to “stuff” the websites.  A professional dental SEO company like 314media can help your business create the most optimal titles for your content in order to target the most visitors.

Getting Links is Important. In addition to keywords and page titles, getting links to your website and adding links to other websites will help your pages get noticed by the search engines. The popularity of your website will help determine how high it gets ranked. The only problem with getting links to your website, however, is that it is difficult to get other websites to link to your site. In fact, this may be the most difficult part of integrating SEO strategies into your website.  The professionals at 314media can provide your practice with directory listings, local citations, and other websites that link in to help increase your rankings and build more traffic.  Contact us to learn how we can help your dental practice.

These are some of the SEO strategies that have been proven to be effectivebut they also take many hours in order to achieve a decent ranking with the search engines. But at 314media, we can provide all of this work for you and more so you can focus on other aspects of your business.  Contact our team of SEO professionals so we can get started on optimizing your dental website right away!