How Do I Increase My Search Engine Traffic?

Generating traffic from search engines is an essential component for any successful website. And in today’s competitive marketplace, your business simply cannot compete if you don’t have a website that is successfully noticed by Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines. If you want your search engine traffic to increase, here are some tips to help you and your website be more successful.

The first thing you have to do is work on the SEO, or search engine optimization, of your website. One of the ways the major search engines pick up your website is by “crawling” for specific keywords. For instance, if you have a website about Michigan real estate, you will want to have articles with key phrases like “Michigan real estate,” “Michigan homes for sale” and similar phrases that the search engines will pick up. Then, when someone types one of these phrases into the search engine, your website is more likely to be listed toward the top of the results which will increase your search engine traffic.  Focusing on terms that make you money is our key focus.

Search engine marketing is similar to SEO and it is also essential for increasing your website’s search engine traffic. However, SEM differs in that it is a more umbrella term that relates to paid inclusion, contextual advertising and other aspects that are included in marketing your website. With a professional SEM company, you can increase your search engine traffic at an affordable cost.

Mentions & links are another great way to promote your website and increase your search engine traffic. One of the things that the search engine crawlers look for are links to your website from other websites or blogs. When there are links to your website from other sources, it increases your website’s visibility and credibility which are both ideal for showing up in the top results on searches.

Credibility for your website is also essential to generating search engine traffic. You can make your website more credible by posting authoritative articles on it that are relevant to your business.  This will not only increase the traffic to your website through search engines, but it will help generate more business for your company as well.

Generating search engine traffic will bring more customers to use your products and services. You won’t see your traffic increase by millions of hits overnight, but you will see it steadily increase the more you implement these suggestions.  We offer affordable SEO Consulting rates and monthly retainers.  Learn how we can help your business and click here to contact us.