Saint Louis Pay-Per-Click Consultants

Saint Louis Pay-Per-Click Consultants

St. Louis Pay Per Click Consultants

PPC Advertising Quickly Increases Your Website Traffic and Controls Where Prospects Enter Your Site.  Without a first learning how to maximize clickthroughs and how to professionally setup your campaigns, you can waste quite a bit of time and money!

Pay per click advertising campaigns are not usually a good fit for all clients.  Some clients require a PPC program if your company:

  1. Has a website that is not  search engine friendly or it does not rank well in  “organic” search engine results.
  2. Have a new web site that has been optimized for the search engines and is not old or large enough to rank well.
  3. Ranks well in the search engines, but want to increase your overall click-through rate by having your company appear in both the paid and organic listings.
  4. Needs to target keyword phrases that you do not rank highly for organic rankings.
  5. Wants to better understand the potential traffic a given keyword phrase generates to plan for your website development or SEO program.
  6. Wants to test which keyword phrases convert the best for you current website.
  7. Would like to better control which “doors” or landing pages visitors use to enter your website.

Because of the volume necessary to statistic testing,  we recommend you consider Google Adwords as your starting point when establishing a new PPC advertising program.

Here are some of the more common errors made with pay per click advertising campaigns:

  1. Disorganized campaign structure – it’s critical that you structure your campaigns from the beginning to allow for proper testing and higher quality scores.
  2. Keywords too broad for a particular ad group – it is important that your ads and content have a high degree of relevance to the associated keywords.
  3. Assume top placement equals the highest conversion or ROI –Higher placement does not necessairly mean more conversions…
  4. Fail to send click traffic to the most relevant page – some people still send their PPC traffic to the home page. This is usually not the most relevant page for the visitor.  You’ll want to send visitors to a page that is what they are searching for.
  5. Stop ad copy testing after initial success (if you test at all) – if you’re not continuously testing your pay per click campaigns, you are missing out on one of the primary benefits.
  6. Use the wrong metrics to track pay per click success – there are a lot of systems you can use in your PPC program. It is important to pick the right metrics for your business and gather accurate data to measure against.

314media can help you fix these common errors to improve your current PPC campaign or avoid these errors when you launch a new campaign. 314media:

  1. Provides a professional pay per click advertising management service that can be customized to meet your needs.
  2. Provide the proper geographic marketing area.
  3. Helps you launch or manage your own pay per click campaign upon setup.
  4. Conducts a PPC Optimization Assessment to identify opportunities to boost the performance of your current click campaigns.
  5. Helps you transition from an outside firm to run your click program in-house.
  6. Provides a customized PPC marketing or consulting program that provides the most value to your organization.

Can we help with your pay per click advertising program? Absolutely!! Call or email 314media today for a quick response.  We look forward to bringing more traffic to your site and increasing revenue for your business or orginazation.