SEO Done Correctly

SEO Done Correctly

The foundation for a successful SEO program consists of three key building blocks…

* Keyword-rich text.The majority of a site’s pages should contain the words and phrases the target audience types into search queries. Pages should appear somewhat focused on these important keyword phrases, and the phrases should be featured prominently on the page. Otherwise, the page won’t convert well or receive consistent search engine traffic over time. Keyword research and copywriting for individual HTML tags are a part of this building block.

* Information/site architecture and page layout. Search engines and end users must be given easy access to keyword-rich content. How text, graphic images, and multimedia files are arranged on a page tells search engines and site visitors which content the site owner believes is most important. URL structure and technical architecture figure into that as well.

* Link development. Usually referred to as link popularity, this is the number and quality of “objective, third-party links” pointing to your website. Not all links pointing to a site are objective, third-party links, but those types of links aren’t always the most credible.  Basically, this comes down to having relationships with others that allow you to display their link on your page, and in turn give you a nod on theirs.

Obviously, this little list of three things cannot bring you to the top of the heap overnight, but 314media can help you grow your site to adapt to these changes and make your site more accessible to the search engines as well as your customers. Contact us for a free analysis of your website and how to get started on your Search Engine Optimization, at 314media – the St. Louis SEO experts.

**footnote — this was published in July of 2009 and was originally entitled SEO Building Blocks  — It’s funny how things come full circle -Chris