SEO Maintenance Plan

SEO is a process. This process takes shape over a long period of time. It takes time to evolve and start showing some results. For genuine, long-term SEO benefits, there are no short cuts. And there is a reason behind it.   The search engines appreciate the effort you put into building unique content. They not only want to present the latest (and relevant, of course) content to their users, they also want to present content that is constantly updated/upgraded. If you were a searcher looking for information on say, Google, would you prefer a page that was created 6 months ago or a page that was created last week?

The following steps, in both big and small ways, affect your SEO campaign – 314media can help you determine where to focus your efforts and how to help grow your business online.  Attracting new traffic is key; but understanding your website using the information below will help you to find your next direction:

  • Lots of highly relevant content that is correctly written
  • Quality inbound links from trusted sources
  • One-to-one networking through social media
  • Fully optimised source code & citations
  • Intuitive, obstruction-less interlinking within your website
  • Constant analysis of your search engine positioning, traffic numbers

314media can provide your business or website with affordable monthly SEO maintenance plan that will take the guess-work out of search engine optimization. Our SEO maintenance plans will not only raise you search rank over time, they will also help you to learn SEO and at some point; you will be comfortable enough to manage this aspect of your web site yourself.  Contact us for more information about our affordable SEO maintenance services.

314media offers an affordable monthly SEO maintenance plan  for clients at all service and budget levels.  We are experts in SEO and we offer our full range of services to you as a simple monthly package.  We use the latest in web tools to diagnose your site and help to build your organic search engine rank and optimization level.  Our SEO maintenance plans include consulting, keyword research, onpage and offpage SEO and our world-class customer support.  We offer the most comprehensive SEO maintenance services for the price – anywhere.

Our monthly SEO maintenance plan includes the following services:

1. Rank Monitoring  – Regular movements in your search engine rankings are commonplace.  Positioning changes almost daily. This is due to search engines changing their formulas and competitors trying to get ahead of you. 314media provides monthly ranking reports on where your site is currently ranked for each of the major search engines.

2. Traffic Tracking – It’s essential to know where most of your traffic is coming from so that you can make adjustments to your marketing strategies.  314media will review your statistics to check how much traffic you are receiving, where is it coming from and what keywords are being used to find your site.

3. Keyword Research – You may have high search engine positions for your most important keyword phrases but if you are not receiving any traffic from those phrases, you will need to evaluate the keywords that you have used. Attaining a number 1 ranking for keywords that no one will search for, will not increase your traffic.

4. Competitive Analysis – 314media reviews where your competitors are currently ranked for the same keywords you are using for your web pages.  We check how many competitors you have for each of the major search engines. If there are too many competitors for a particular keyword it may be better to use less competitive keywords for your web pages or use them in conjunction with the most popular ones.  314media will also analyze the link popularity of your competitors to determine how many incoming links they have and what the quality of those links are. You should not link to unrelated sites and ideally link to sites that already attract a lot of traffic.

5. Content Creation – Websites that continuously update their content usually experience higher rankings than stagnant web sites.  New keywords should be researched before adding new content. This will help boost your traffic and rankings because visitors will have more ways to land on your site based on the keywords they entered in the search engines. One great way to achieve this is to add new articles to your site on a regular basis.

6. Copy Analysis – Getting lots of traffic to your site does not guarantee sales. Sales primarily depend on how effective your copy is.  You want to convert visitors into sales.  314media will analyze how your web copy is structured on the page, what words you are using, if it is written for your target audience,  and check for spelling and grammatical errors.

7. Link Popularity – This refers to the amount of other quality web sites that have links pointing back to yours. The more quality links there are, the better you will rank on the major search engines. We research other sites that are related to yours and add or exchange links with them. This may require a links/resources page to be added to your site.

8. Tweaking Code – If visitors are having a difficult time navigating your site, reading the content, or experience broken links – we will repair or tweak the site to make it more suitable for your visitors and to be optimally build for search performance.

We offer an affordable monthly package to help your business optimize your website for search engines.  We have a proven track record of success and are up to date on the latest search engine optimization strategies, procedures and tools.  Contact us today to learn more about our SEO Maintenance Plan that is tailored to suit your business’ direct needs.  We offer affordable monthly package pricing at all budget levels. Contact us today to learn more.

So, what are you waiting for?

314media’s SEO maintenance will help increase your website traffic and earn more of the marketshare.  Your competition has already started – when will you?

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