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St Louis PPC Management Company

PPC management is something that is always required, you can’t just set it up and let it go because it simply won’t add to your success by doing it that way. Ideally, you should hire a professional St Louis PPC management company to handle all of your PPC issues for you. Here are some things that 314media,  a  St Louis internet marketing / ppc management company can do for your campaigns.

  • From campaign setup to custom ad writing and monthly analysis & reporting, 314media works to make sure that customer accounts are utilizing their best performing ads with their highest searched keywords.
  • Monthly reports aren’t printed,  mailed, and forgotten about —  they are reviewed by our staff as a benchmark to improve upon. Researching highly trafficked keywords and keyword phrases allows 314media to provide its clients with new and updated information to best assist in the search for qualified online traffic.  In addition to campaign setup and management, we also offer Search Engine Optimization to better align customer sites for organic placement in today’s competitive Search Engine marketplace. Please call for objective review and pricing.
  • We can also build custom landing pages to best track SEM results! Contact us to find out more about out web design services.

St Louis Pay Per Click 

314media offers our keyword-targeted, pay per click (PPC) advertising management services for a fixed rate each month.   With our services, your campaigns will not only get highly qualified traffic driven to your website, you will be making the most of your advertising dollar with industry-leading returns on your investment.

For example, if your average cost per click is $0.20, you will receive 1000 targeted new visits to your website before a $200.00 deposit runs out.  Contact Us to learn more or to get started with 314media and your PPC campaign.

The Five Keys to PPC Success

During our work with PPC, we’ve developed the five keys to PPC that should be implemented into every campaign – no matter the client’s budget or target audience.  For the five keys to PPC success, continue reading.

1. Choosing the Right Keywords
Choosing the right keywords is crucial to search engine success. If you choose keywords that are too broad you will have difficulty converting visitors into buyers. If the chosen keywords are too competitive, you may find yourself spending more money then you would like for a certain search term.  It is best to choose keywords that are highly relevant to your products and services. The best-case scenario is choosing targeted keywords that are popular. Optimizing your website for keywords that no one is searching for is a waste of time and money.

2. Log into your account several times each week.
Since the market changes daily, it is always a good idea to keep your account fresh and to update it several times each week or, at the very least, once a week. There are many things that occur throughout the week, such as competitors increasing their strategies, Google testing new scoring factors and much more. It’s vital to stay on top of these things if you want your PPC campaign to bring in its maximum potential for income.

3. Add negative keywords to your PPC campaign.
Negative keywords are words that serve as a filter for irrelevant traffic. For example, if you are selling dog treats, your negative keywords may include a list of words like “cat,” “kitten,” “bird” and other types of pets for which your dog treats will not apply. Negative keywords can save you money because you don’t have to pay for clicks for terms that are completely irrelevant to what you are selling.

4. Search for the most profitable keywords.
General keywords have become saturated in the online market and they often result in useless clicks. But by finding longer keywords that are more specific, you can find higher paying clicks just based on the category of keywords that you use to optimize your site. But some general keywords are essential for branding and traffic, which is why using a PPC management professional is an ideal strategy for choosing the best keywords.

5. Test your ads and messages.
If you have three ads running and two of them get more clicks than others, you may be tempted to keep those two ads up while taking the third one down. But this is a common mistake that website owners make. You have to constantly test the ads you have running because things change. A PPC manager will test those ads for you and determine the best course of action based on clicks, views, conversions and other factors to help them reach their full advertising potential.  This is one of the most coveted keys to PPC — if your page or ad does not convert – determine why and fix it!

Using these keys to PPC, your campaigns will become more profitable and will allow you to expand further into yourtarget market.  If you need assistance implementing a PPC campaign, The St Louis internet marketing experts at 314media will find ways to optimize your campaign to save you time and frustration.

At 314media, you can expect our team of qualified experts to optimize your campaign through a variety of methods. From searching for the ideal keywords to use in your campaign to optimizing your landing pages through content writing and design, we can handle all things online — so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

Contact us today to see how 314media can make your ads and your ppc campaign even better than they are now…

What Is PPC and are we a good fit?

PPC Advertising Quickly Increases Your Website Traffic and Controls Where Prospects Enter Your Site.  Without a first learning how to maximize clickthroughs and how to professionally setup your campaigns, you can waste quite a bit of time and money!

Pay per click advertising campaigns are not usually a good fit for all clients.  Some clients require a PPC program if your company:

  1. Has a website that is not  search engine friendly or it does not rank well in  “organic” search engine results.
  2. Have a new web site that has been optimized for the search engines and is not old or large enough to rank well.
  3. Ranks well in the search engines, but want to increase your overall click-through rate by having your company appear in both the paid and organic listings.
  4. Needs to target keyword phrases that you do not rank highly for organic rankings.
  5. Wants to better understand the potential traffic a given keyword phrase generates to plan for your website development or SEO program.
  6. Wants to test which keyword phrases convert the best for you current website.
  7. Would like to better control which “doors” or landing pages visitors use to enter your website.
I'll just hire my __________ to do PPC

If you like lighting cash on fire – then go for it! 

Here are some of the more common errors made with pay per click advertising campaigns:

  1. Disorganized campaign structure – it’s critical that you structure your campaigns from the beginning to allow for proper testing and higher quality scores.  Bad metrics are useless or may take a ton of time to figure out what is what.
  2. Keywords too broad for a particular ad group – it is important that your ads and content have a high degree of relevance to the associated keywords.
  3. Assume top placement equals the highest conversion or ROI –Higher placement does not necessarily mean more conversions…
  4. Fail to send click traffic to the most relevant page – some people still send their PPC traffic to the home page. This is usually not the most relevant page for the visitor.  You’ll want to send visitors to a page that is what they are searching for.
  5. Stop ad copy testing after initial success (if you test at all) – if you’re not continuously testing your pay per click campaigns, you are missing out on one of the primary benefits.
  6. Use the wrong metrics to track pay per click success – there are a lot of systems you can use in your PPC program. It is important to pick the right metrics for your business and gather accurate data to measure against.
What can you do to help my existing campaign?

314media can help you fix these common errors to improve your current PPC campaign or avoid these errors when you launch a new campaign. 314media:

  1. Provides a professional pay per click advertising management service that can be customized to meet your needs.
  2. Provide the proper geographic marketing area.
  3. Helps you launch or manage your own pay per click campaign upon setup.
  4. Conducts a PPC Optimization Assessment to identify opportunities to boost the performance of your current PPC campaigns.
  5. Helps you transition from an outside firm to run your click program in-house.
  6. Provides a customized PPC marketing or consulting program that provides the most value to your organization.

Can we help with your pay per click advertising program? Absolutely!! Call or email 314media today for a quick response.  We look forward to bringing more traffic to your site and increasing revenue for your business or organization.