Utilizing SEO Content Strategy for Your Website

Your company’s website simply cannot compete these days if you don’t implement an effective SEO content strategy in your content and throughout your entire website. Luckily, an SEO content strategy company like 314media provides a SEO content strategy that gives you the knowledge and tools  — at shockingly low prices —  so you can get your website noticed and get an edge on your competition. Our team provides a variety of SEO strategies to help get your company’s website ranked as high as possible.

In order to understand how SEO content strategy works, we have to discuss the way that the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN and others – read websites. These search engines typically use “spiders,” which are basically robots that read and crawl through your web pages searching for keywords and other things that figure into their algorithm for ranking your site. Your website then receives a “score,” which tells the search engines how relevant your website is for certain keywords. Two of the most effective strategies for getting a high score include the following:

Content – The “spiders” that the search engines use can only browse through text. That means that they can only read the words on your website. The spiders look for specific keywords and phrases which web users type into the search box. The more relevant your content is to certain keywords, the higher your website is going to rank. That’s why finding the right keywords is critical to the success of your website.

Link Popularity – Another thing that the search engine spiders look for when crawling your website is the number of links. These links include the ones that you have to other websites and the links that are directed back toward your website. The spiders often find websites through links and the more websites that you link to, the higher your website tends to rank. There is a fine line, however, between having an acceptable and optimal number of links and having too many. You can network with other website owners and agree to link to each other’s websites to expand your popularity with the search engines.

When you hire 314media for your SEO content strategy, our team of experts will optimize your website through website content, links and social media to increase your website’s ranking. We know the guidelines and the SEO content strategies that will get you noticed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. We provide great rates and affordable service so you can hire our team with complete confidence.

Myths About SEO Content Strategy

Content writing tactics are not measurable. If you hire a company to do SEO and content writing for your website, they should be able to tell you how they are improving your ranking from month to month. SEO is not invisible. You should be able to see an improvement and the company should be able to tell you what they are doing to earn their fee. If they tell you they have a “secret recipe,” hire another company because there is no secret formula to it.

Content writing takes time to improve your ranking.  Any content writing company that tells you they can get you in the top 10 or even top 20 results within a few days is probably being dishonest. These efforts take time to improve your ranking and if you are involved in a competitive business, it will take even longer. Patience is the key as the website owner and lots of hard work is key for the SEO company that you hire.

Tricks don’t work. Some companies that sell content will try tricks and loopholes when creating the content for your website. Methods like spamming, hidden links, keyword stuffing and others are just a few ways that people try to get fast results in search engine rankings. But these methods will just get your website penalized by Google and it may not even be indexed at all as a result.

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