Convert Your Website To WordPress

We provide a turn-key service to convert your existing website to the WordPress platform...

Is your business or organization looking for a professional web design company to convert your website to WordPress?

314media has the experience to carefully take your “difficult-to-update”  website and convert it to the self-hosted WordPress platform.  314media will create custom administration areas during the WordPress conversion process that are hand built around your existing website’s content or CMS system – (making the task of editing HTML code or web templates obsolete).  314media provides a professional service that creates a pixel for pixel integration of WordPress into your existing website’s look and feel and design.  Our WordPress conversion services keep your website looking exactly the same; but create new functionality by implementing a CMS system during the WordPress conversion process.

No more waiting on your current website designer to make changes and edits to your website.  With our professional service to convert your website to WordPress, 314media provides more control over your website content.  We offer a complete package that includes web based training sessions, unlimited email and phone support, fast turn around times, and complete content entry.   With turnaround times in less than 7 business days,  request a quote from 314media and convert your existing website to WordPress today.

Is your current website unmanageable? Do you have 400 web pages that need to be edited individually? Is all of this technology too much for you to handle?  314media will convert your existing website into a WordPress powered content management solution that will allow you to edit and add content to your website with no HTML experience necessary. You can even keep your current website design.  Using basic word processing skills, you can add, edit, and remove content from your website on the fly. Contact 314media to learn how we can take your “out-of-control website” and start managing your website with WordPress today.

Is your website outdated and difficult to update?

Let us convert your website to WordPress…

I know you guys are good; but can you convert my website to WordPress?  My website has a forum, contact forms, it connects to my accounting and payment system, it has a business directory, a live chat…

In short – Why Yes We  Can! Reach out for a free analysis of your current website and learn how our experience can help you grow your business with WordPress.  Single login, browser based redirection, mobile / responsive upgrades for existing tabled sites. We’ve done it all…

Our process to convert your website to WordPress:

  1. 314media performs an analysis of your current website and creates a proposal to outline all costs.
  2. We request a 50% deposit of your total invoice to start the ball rolling.
  3. A testing server is created for your project and we start converting your existing website look to WordPress.  We provide you a link to your WordPress website so that you can monitor our progress.  This development server is hidden from the public (and search engines) and can only be viewed while logged in.
  4. Depending on your level of service, 314media will enter or help you with entering all of the website content.  We provide training for your new website during this stage to ensure that you have ample time to become familiar with how the new site operates before going live.  We also complete all 301 redirection and SEO/Meta entry at this stage as well.
  5. When everything is ready and the forms have been tested; we obtain the final payment and are able to help setup and install your new WordPress website in place of your current website(if your current hosting solution allows (most do)).  If your hosting account cannot support WordPress, there are many companies that provide hosting  – or you can choose host your new converted WordPress website with 314media.

WordPress is a powerful tool that allows you to create and manage your existing website through a simple web interface.  No more editing hundreds of html pages to change something or messing up the look after adding text.  314media provides a turn-key service to convert your website to WordPress for less than you might imagine.

Convert your website to WordPress in order to:

  • more efficiently manage and syndicate website content using a simple online editor and NO HTML skills.
  • have greater ease of use, design standardization, SEO management, and future expand-ability options.
  • save time editing content and utilize widgets and plugins that expand your reach.

Do you have a website whose look you love, but are afraid to edit anything for fear of breaking something? 

Do you want an easier system for managing, updating and improving your content?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then request a quote from 314media to convert your website WordPress and start owning a better website.

Why isn’t your business using WordPress to power it’s existing website?

314media provides a professional service to convert your existing website to WordPress to allow you to take back control over your website content.  We offer a turn-key package to turn your existing website into a complete WordPress managed website for less than the cost of a few hours of “website updates”.  Save time and money by editing your website with WordPress and optimize social, search, and content all within one easy to use administration area.

Can 314media convert my website to WordPress?

314media will review your site and provide a comprehensive quote explaining the website to WordPress conversion procedure.  The WordPress professionals will take your existing website and convert your website to WordPress no matter what CMS or website system you are using.  Forums, chat, and other scripts can be used or integrated with existing systems.

Following the planning & development stage, we provide you with access and a brief training session in order to show you how to make changes and edits to your existing website content.  We setup all of your existing pages; or can simply show you how it works following the initial look and feel conversion.  Based n your budget, 314media provide a service level for you that includes complete email and phone support for the technology-challenged.  We offer lifetime support and guaranteed service to our clients to help them reach their website goals — for less.

When moving or converting your existing website to WordPress; you will be amazed with the search engine optimization tools as well as the social media integration features that WordPress has to offer.  Why wait? Convert your existing website to WordPress and get many more features and eliminate the costly website update charges.  Take control over your website content — change, update, and optimize your content with WordPress and save time and money.  Internet Marketing and social media integration have never been easier when you convert your website to WordPress with 314media.

314media will provide consulting to integrate WordPress into your business processes and streamline internet marketing and social media.  314media can also help with continued content and optimization strategies for clients want to leave that to the professionals.  We are as “hands-on” as you need us to be.  Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your online goals with a WordPress conversion and SEO package from 314media.

Why have a website you can’t edit? Let 314media convert your website to WordPress to take advantage of all of the features a WordPress conversion will have to offer. 314media offers a complete package that will convert your current website to WordPress in as little as 7 business  days.  We offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee and our prices are very affordable (for most small business websites).  Converting you website to WordPress, or a WordPress conversion costs much less than a traditional “new website design” or new static HTML website rebuild and will help to improve your website organization and search engine optimization structure.  Convert your website to WordPress and enhance your website by adding the latest tools in website publishing.

Our service to convert your website to WordPress will take your existing website and convert it into a dynamic WordPress website that you can manage and update yourself.   Sidebars become manageable and can be assigned to pages, content is simple to edit and enter.  Creating new pages doesn’t require HTML knowledge.  WordPress is the best choice in CMS systems to convert your existing website to.

Each time we convert a website to WordPress, the project is unique and one of a kind.  We provide you with a detailed estimate before we begin any work and our comprehensive timeline helps to make sense of the entire project.  314media is a professional WordPress web design company and we have a proven track record with website to WordPress conversion process.  We offer a turn-key price to either simply convert the look; or can take over and add content and SEO information as well.  We have a service level for every budget – contact us to learn how a WordPress conversion will save your small business money.

If your current website has extra features, please notify us to ensure compatibility and estimated delivery time.   Contact us to get started with the WordPress conversion process and let us being converting your website to WordPress.

Are you tired of editing DreamWeaver Templates? Is your web designer missing in action? 314media can convert your website to WordPress, no matter if you are using an inferior CMS or static HTML files. We can also import all of your existing website content into your new WordPress website so that your new website is ready for you to edit! With WordPress, you always have a world of free plugins to enhance your site experience, all without touching a line of code.  From Joomla, Drupal, static HTML, or any other type of system; 314media can convert your existing website to WordPress in a matter of weeks — without using a stock template.

If you have a site that you can’t afford to change, or you want an easier system for managing / updating / improving your content, WordPress is the answer you’ve been looking for.  Millions of website now use WordPress as their Content Management System for its intuitive design, ease of use, powerful features, and library of hundred of thousands of free plugins.

Contact us and ask how we can convert your existing website to WordPress. This is an affordable way to put the reigns on your web designer’s monthly maintenance contract and take back control of your web content. For a quick price quote, click here and tell us about your current website.

Convert a static HTML website to WordPress and start editing and creating your own content today!  Building WordPress themes from your existing website is more affordable than you may think.  Contact 314media to learn how we convert your existing website to WordPress and save you time and money by editing your company’s website using your existing support staff.

Professionally convert your existing website to WordPress with 314media.

314media offers an affordable solution for converting a website to WordPress. 314media will take your current website and convert it into a completely custom WordPress theme using the latest in WordPress programming and features.

Are you satisfied with your current website but need more control over your website content? Does your business need to start taking advantage of content creation and blogging? The best solution to these (and many website problems) is to convert your website in WordPress. WordPress offers an unbeatable and simple to use interface to add and edit pages with ease. Converting a website to WordPress can make your website much easier to manage, better ranked for organic search, and just plain more affordable.

Contact 314media to learn more about our WordPress conversion service and learn how managing your web content with WordPress can save your company time and money. Our WordPress websites are super SEO friendly and help to rank your website among the top of the search engines.

314media also provides training with every website to WordPress Conversion so that you and your staff will know how to edit and create new content for your website once your new WordPress website is live.  Contact us today to learn how we can offer an affordable solution to eliminate your current web design / HTML maintenance contracts.  Migrate or move your existing website to WordPress today to save your company thousands in yearly web design and maintenance fees and utilize your existing staff!  Moving content and website editing in-house can save your company time and money (not to mention providing timely updates to your customers!).  No more waiting on the developers to change something.   Take back control of your website with 314media and WordPress.