Dental WordPress Website Design

If your goal is to increase your rankings with the major search engines and get your dental practice website noticed by more customers,  a new custom dental WordPress website from 314media will increase your website’s success by integrating search engine optimization, social media marketing, scheduling/intake, and other key elements into your new dental WordPress website. 314media provides custom WordPress dental websites for your dental practice that will instill confidence in new patients and provide the most accurate information to the visitors of your website.

Is your dental website outdated or has so many pages it is becoming impossible to manage?  Does your dental practice want to learn more about online patient scheduling or would like to have your website serve as a basic patient intake or scheduling system?   Do you need to tap into social networking to build your client base? Is email marketing something you are interested in moving forward with but just don’t know how?  WordPress is probably the best solution for your dental practice website if you are considering answering yes to any of the previous questions.  Contact 314media and schedule a free consultation to to learn how we can leverage these new technologies and grow your dental practice through blogging, social media, on-line marketing, and search engine optimization.

314media is a professional WordPress web design and development company (listed on CodePoet) and we would love to put our skills and experience to work for your dental practice buy building a new WordPress website. By using WordPress as your CMS platform, your new WordPress dental website can begin to publish your own web content and start communicating with your patients to stay in touch.

What should we include on our new Dental WordPress Website?

One of the areas we will begin with when creating your custom WordPress dental website is creating and maintaining on-line profiles for you and your staff. When patients are searching for a dentist, they want to see the people they are dealing with. It provides a sense of comfort in them when they visit your office and see the familiar faces. Along with the photo profiles, you can also include a short description of each person that works at your dental practice. This will help personalize your staff and make your patients feel less apprehensive about coming to your office for the first time.  Using WordPress allows your website to change as your practice grows.

In addition to staff profiles, your potential clients and patients will want to see what services you provide at your dental practice. Do you just do teeth cleaning and basic dental procedures? Or do you provide other services like extractions, fillings and more? Are you a certified oral surgeon who can also do oral surgical procedures? These are things that people want to know when they are searching for a dentist, so this will be a vital aspect of your custom WordPress dental website.  Having a simple to edit website is key to reaching your patients.

Going along with the services that your dental practice provides, our team of professionals can include a section explaining costs, payment methods accepted and other information like this so your potential customers will know what to expect when they come to your office for dental services. We can even set you up with an affordable eCommerce site or payment gateway to accept their payments.

Another section that will help instill confidence into your potential customers is one that is dedicated to testimonials from previous or even current customers. Do you have customers who have been coming back to you for years for all of their dental needs? Do you have customers who have brought their children to you for their dental needs because they are so pleased with your services? If so, ask them to write up a quick blurb about what they appreciate about your dental practice so much. Our team of website experts will post those testimonials on your custom WordPress dental website so other potential customers will see them. When website visitors see how pleased other people are, they are more likely to give your practice a chance. It helps even more if the customers who are willing to give testimonials will also provide a picture of themselves smiling to show the good work that you can do.

These are just a few things we would do at 314media when designing and creating your custom WordPress dental website. We not only have the knowledge to build your custom WordPress site that you can easily manage yourself, but we can help you bring customers to your site far more cost effectively than any other marketing medium and almost instantly with our dental SEO & search engine optimization services.

Why should we choose 314media for our new WordPress powered dental website?

314media are the leading experts in the development of custom WordPress dental websites that will help to differentiate your practice and helps you to build a strong online presence. 314media also offers a comprehensive solution to market and promote your practice online. We offer cutting edge websites for the dental community and provide your practice the tools to add and change your website – in addition to syncing social media and even scheduling all without having to teach your staff 12 programs or new systems.

314media is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the WordPress web design and development community and we would love to put our skills and experience to work for your dental practice. By leveraging emerging technologies, your medical office can begin to publish your own web content; tap into social networking, utilize email lists and marketing, start connecting with potential clients through strategic content publishing and mobile and search support — all built-in.  We can also integrate 1-click social media marketing as well as integrating scheduling/reminders/online communication and patient correspondence / billing and payment or workflow systems — all through your website!  Yes — 314media can help your dental practice grow online — contact us to learn more.

Online scheduling as well as patient registration can all be completed online and securely.  We’ve created a demonstration of the ADA Health History form that can be modified and integrated into your new dental WordPress website.  We can securely send these form results to your staff by email or you can retrieve them through your website dashboard.

We also offer complete hosting support and other services to improve your website marketing strategy. Search engine optimization, social media and reputation management, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. If you’re ready to claim your place on the Internet, call the experts in Custom WordPress Dental Websites  today. We look forward to partnering with you in your success!

Request a free web design estimate and start harnessing the power of WordPress for your dental practice.