What can I do to help promote my small business with internet marketing?


Social media is one of the most important components of a successful internet marketing strategy for your small business. Posting updates, articles and other things on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites will help you build a customer base that will help increase traffic to your website. The number of Facebook users alone in the United States is at nearly 150 million and growing every day. In fact, the number of Facebook users in the country has increased by nearly 10 percent just in the last year along. That makes social media & internet marketing one of the most effective and far reaching forms of advertising and about 90 percent of social media users have a Facebook account and use it regularly.  314media can help with all aspects of social media and inbound marketing – complete management and reporting available for clients who wish to outsource your more common social media duties to us.

Another way to achieve success when using social media marketing is to provide content that is local and relevant to your customers. Nobody wants to read about a bunch of offers, contests and other opportunities only to find out that they aren’t eligible to take advantage of them because they don’t live in that specific region. Target your social media content to localized areas where your business is located. With websites like Facebook, you can choose customized settings so only the users in cities where your business is located will see your posts. Simply configure your settings so you can target local customers.

The next thing that you can do is to make sure you integrate a “Like” button on every page of your website. Are you posting articles that readers are going to find relevant? Do you have coupons on your website that you offer to your customers? When you have  a “Like” button on these pages, it gives people the opportunity to “Like” the page and then their Facebook friends will see it, too. It’s one of the most efficient ways to spread the word about a special offer or something else that you want to bring attention to for your small business.

Finally, providing company information on your social media pages is a quick way to let people know about the products and services that you provide. Your Facebook page and other social media pages will help you provide all the information that you want potential customers to know about your company. It’s like having a second website for your business without the added cost!

Videos are another great way to promote your small business and a qualified internet marketing firm like 314media can help create product demonstration or live streaming video that will build traffic to your website. This year along, online videos will be viewed by about 170 million internet users which is a 7 percent increase from last year. More than half of the population in the country will view at least one video online and more than 50 million of them will view several videos on their mobile device.

When it comes to ecommerce, nearly 90 percent of internet users over the age of 14 will look for products on the internet this year. They will either research various products to find the best ones for their needs or they will browse through the variety of products to find what they want to buy. Nearly 85 percent of those looking for products in the internet will make a purchase over the internet. That’s an increase of more than 3 percent over last year’s number of people making internet purchases throughout the year. Many of those customers are mobile phone users that do their searches and research “on the go.”