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Creating and maintaining a website is only part of the formula for making it successful. You can have a great website that catches the eye, but how can do you know who is viewing it? If you don’t know who is looking at your website, it can be difficult to tweak it or make changes that will appeal to your target audience.  A Google Analytics consultant can help your business make sense of website traffic.

When you hire professionals to work on your website, one of the services that you should ask for is a Google analytics consulting service. This service will tell you who is looking at your website, where they are coming from, how much time they are spending on your website and much more. This allows you to customize your ads, create more attractive designs and much more.

When you realize who your website is reaching, the possibilities for your website’s success really opens up, you make more money by increasing efficiencies . With proper analysis, you can understand your users better. Take an ecommerce store for example, you can easily determine why and how a customer came to your store without them telling you anything, now that’s power. If you can understand what’s driving your customers to you, you can quickly eliminate wasted advertising dollars and cost and increase conversions all while lowering costs, it makes too much sense.

Instead of wasting money on content that people don’t care about, you can quickly see what your audience wants. When you’re selling a product or service you can’t waste effort on failures, but without the analytics – you’re riding blind.

Yet another example, do you have videos on your website? If so, you can get an idea of which videos are being watched more often than the other ones on your website. This can show you what people are interested in when they land on your site, why the came and how they got there – was it through referrals or organic search traffic.

A Google Analytics consultant can also tell you which articles on your website are being viewed and accurately for how long. It can show you what is being clicked on each page and so much more. Are people clicking on the ads on the article’s pages, images, text links? Are they sharing or emailing the articles? You can find out this kind of information and more.

Another important piece of information that you can find out from Google analytics consultant is the types of browsers that people are using when viewing your website. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you have areas of your website that are not compatible with certain browsers, it can negatively impact your ranking and the way that people view your site. But the type of browser can also tell you a little bit about the person coming to your website. For instance, more inexperienced users will use common browsers like Safari or Internet Explorer. If you notice a large  number of people coming to your site with these browsers, you may want to make your website more user-friendly than normal because of the inexperience of the users. However, users who typically use Firefox or Google Chrome are generally more savvy when it comes to the Internet so you may not have to worry about user-friendly features as much as you would with the more basic browsers.

Google analytics also provides you with alerts and updates about the increase or decrease that you are having in the traffic to your website. If you recently changed something on your site and you have noticed an increase in traffic, you may want to consider implementing more of those types of changes. However, if you made some changes or if you just notice a significant drop in traffic, it may be time to try something different. The software can even tell you when your website has reached certain milestones, like one million views, 10,000 unique visitors or other important benchmarks that will help you gauge your success over a certain period of time. You have the ability to set goals and so much more.

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