How Can My Business Benefit from a WordPress Consultant?

Working with the WordPress platform for your blog or website is simple and user-friendly. But creating a successful and effective website is more than just uploading your latest thoughts. That’s where you could benefit from a professional WordPress consultant. Here are some things that a WordPress consultant can do for you.

With WordPress consulting services, a consultant can help you with the layout of your WordPress theme and content. The layout may not seem like an important part of your WordPress site, but it can make it or break it essentially. If your WordPress layout isn’t attractive or if it is too “busy,” visitors are going to take a quick look at it and click to another page in a matter of seconds. You can’t generate traffic or leads if this is the case. But with a WordPress consulting service, you can have access to a consultant who knows all about attractive layouts that will be appealing to your target audience. They can help you choose colors, photos, illustrations and other content that will make your WordPress site a site that people will want to come back to and tell their friends about.

Search Engine Optimization is another important aspect of your website that a WordPress consulting service can help you with. SEO refers to the content that is posted on your WordPress website that includes keywords, phrases and information that is relevant to your blog or site. For instance, if your blog is centered around weight loss, a WordPress consulting professional can help create content using keywords related to weight loss so when a web user enters those words into a search engine, your website will come up as one of the results. There is no guarantee how high in the results your website will come up, but it will steadily increase the more consistent you are about your SEO tactics and strategies.

Thirdly, a WordPress consulting professional can help you analyze the statistics associated with your website. With analytics tools, you can find out where most of your hits are coming from so you can narrow down your target audience. Are you having a lot of the visitors to your website originating from Canada? Or from a particular state? You can target these geographic areas with focused keywords based on the statistics. A WordPress consultant can also help you determine which keywords are performing better than others so you can focus your SEO strategies and your content better for more traffic.

When hiring a WordPress consulting service, they will evaluate various aspects of your blog or website to ensure proper optimization that will increase your traffic. One of the first things they will look at is your existing traffic. Even if you just have a few hundred hits, they will be able to determine what needs to be done to increase the number of visitors that come to your website. Working from your existing traffic will be easier than just starting all over and trying to build up the traffic from the bottom.

Another thing they will look at is the structure and layout of your site. They can suggest some tweaks to improve it which can mean a difference of a few hundred visitors and a few thousand visitors. A WordPress consulting professional’s job is to help your site succeed and this is one of the first steps in order to achieve that success.

Social media will be another major consideration that your WordPress consulting service can help you with. Social media optimization and automatic submission is increasingly important as more and more people depend on websites like Facebook, Twitter and others to keep up with the websites that they frequent. If you don’t have your WordPress site being syndicated with all of the social media websites, it is hard to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

Finally, your consultant should consider your online reputation. Do you have a good reputation online? Or do you even have a reputation on the world wide web? A good reputation is essential to marketing your website and optimizing it to its full potential. With the help of a WordPress consulting professional, your reputation can increase and become favorable to attract more visitors to your business.

It’s not easy maintaining a blog or website and it’s even harder to know how to attract that maximum number of potential customers and keeping them coming back for more. When you hire a WordPress consultant like 314media, you can save time and focus on the other aspects of running your business.  Contact us about our monthly WordPress consulting services.