Six SEO Terms You Might Not Know

In the SEO, or search engine optimization industry, there are several words and phrases that you may not know if you are not familiar with the industry. Fortunately, companies like 314media know all of these terms so they can work on your website to optimize it efficiently. But if you would like to know what SEO experts are saying when they say words like “backlinks,” “time on page” and “Google bomb,” the following definitions may help you hold a conversation with these experts when you talk to them.

Backlinks – This term refers to a link to a page or a website from another page or website. If another website has a link to your site, this would be called a backlink. Similarly, you can have backlinks to other websites on your page.

Time on Page – This phrase refers to the amount of time that a web user spends on a certain page. In some cases, the amount of time a person spends on a website could factor in to the revenue earned on that page.

Google Bomb – Google bombs are typically the efforts of several webmasters to change search results for a particular term or phrase. Recent examples include “Stephen Colbert greatest living American” and “George Bush miserable failure.”

Crawler – Crawlers are types of robots that read the text on a website so it can index the site in its search results. Crawlers gather data and the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN use them to index millions of websites.

Bread Crumbs – If you have ever heard fairy tales about someone leaving bread crumbs on a journey so they can easily find their way back, it’s the same idea with websites and SEO. In this context, bread crumbs refer to navigation links at the top of the main content on a page so you know where you are on the site and how to get back to the main pages.

Link Exchange – This term typically refers to an agreement by two or more website owners to place links to each other’s pages to help each of them rank higher in the search engines.

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