St. Louis Wedding Live Streaming

Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, or Both.

314media provides a competitively priced, professional wedding ceremony live streaming service in the St. Louis Missouri and surrounding Southern Illinois area.


We would LOVE to send your special day LIVE to those you love and care about.

Why Choose Us?

You’ll really like us…

We do this sort of things all week for corporate clients and have many years of experience with private events of all types. On the day of your ceremony, we’ll be punctual, self-sufficient, courteous with your guests, and collaborative with your other vendors.

We’re ready for your special request. Want us to stream the toasts and first dance too? Let’s talk about it. Have a tight timeline with your venue? We can set up in as little as 30 minutes. Can we give a copy of the recording to the videographer so you can hear your “I Do’s” in the video? You bet!

Honesty & Transparency
For most people, “streaming” your wedding mostly means sending it to a homebound grandparent, deployed-overseas sibling, or out-of-town friend that simply couldn’t make it. In these cases, it might be better just to use an iPhone.

However, if your potential online audience is more than a few people due to venue restrictions, the fact that you’re famous, or maybe a global pandemicwe would be honored to share your ceremony with family and friends without putting more things on your To Do list.

Every package includes…

● Streaming of the processional, ceremony, and recessional

● No limits on number of viewers, no ads, no branding

● A custom title slide at the beginning and end of your stream

● Immediate delivery of a high-resolution recording of your stream

Simple Upgrade Pricing

– The Basics –

  •  Two professional cameras
    • Two broadcast-quality cameras create a great looking livestream without being bulky or distracting
    • Our cameras work well outdoors, in low-light, and from far away, meaning we’re flexible with whichever venue you’ve chosen.
  • Professional audio
    • Audio is 51% of video – people most likely won’t watch a video with bad audio
    • We’ll integrate with the venue’s audio system, provide our own professional microphones, or a combination of both to ensure clear sound for your stream.
  • Venue internet only
    • To make this package more affordable, we’ll rely on internet access that the venue provides; contact us for more information.
  • Private YouTube link
    • Anyone can watch a YouTube stream, with or without an account; we’ll host the video on your account if you have one, or ours if you don’t, and give you a link in advance to send to your online guests.

– Upgrade To Deluxe –

  • Optional third camera
    • Honestly, two cameras is almost always enough; however, if you’d like us to use three – we will!
  • Personalized, private webpage
    • We’ll create a custom landing page for your stream, including pictures of you, a schedule or special message, an online guestbook, and/or links to your registry.
  • Completely Wireless
    • Our kit for this package is completely self-contained and ‘wireless’ – no cables across the floor for audio, video, internet, or even electricity.
    • Even neater, safer, and more compact than the basic package
  • Independent internet access
    • We’ll utilize network bonding equipment to combine multiple internet connections into one strong connection, allowing us to stream from almost anywhere, including outdoors and venues with limited internet access.

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