WordPress Hourly Rate

wordpress logoThe WordPress professionals at 314media can assist you with your WordPress powered website for a low WordPress hourly rate.  When working on your project, we can bill our WordPress hourly rate – which is billed in actual time. Most of our hourly rate requests or feature enhancements and consulting typically take 15-20 minutes to complete. Please contact us using the form below to better expedite your request.  There are no minimum time requirements and you are only billed for actual time worked.  314media will respond to your request before performing any work to make sure we know exactly what is needed to be done – and what that work will cost you!

How does WordPress Hourly Rates Work?

We will complete a thorough estimate outlining your costs for the changes; agree on the numbers; exchange login information; and then we get started.  Once completed, we send a final invoice for your hourly WordPress changes.


WordPress Hourly Rate & Weekly/Monthly Retainers

Contact 314media for help with modifying your design, provide general WordPress assistance, or update  images and css design files at a low hourly rate.   We also offer advanced WordPress troubleshooting, WordPress configuration, troubleshooting and support issues, installation and hosting issues, custom coding and plugin development, and basic WordPress web design.  Multiple hours can be booked for a volume discount. The WordPress professionals at 314media can take your WordPress design and modify code, make css tweaks, show you how to change things on your WordPress website and much, much more. Purchase an hourly block of time from 314media to resolve your WordPress design issues. We also offer custom theme development, custom plugin development, custom WordPress widgets, application integration, and much, much more. 314media is a professional WordPress consultant listed on CodePoet.com.

We value our professional service, quick turnaround times, and vast experience with WordPress to help solve your website problems – for a simple WordPress hourly rate. If you have a problem with WordPress or need someone to fix or update things on your WordPress website for an hourly rate, please fill out the form below.  314media will contact you to get your login information and confirm your payment method.  314media provides WordPress consulting, WordPress development, WordPress updates and assistance services for a low hourly rate.  We provide help with everything WordPress, and can also consult on best practices, photo and image manipulation and editing, SEO and social media strategy hourly consultant services, and everything else WordPress — all for a low WordPress hourly rate.

Tell us about your WordPress problem; and we will come up with a flat price or low WordPress hourly rate to complete your request.  Please describe your single issue in detail so that we can fully understand your issue.  We will followup with a phone call and email as soon as we are available.