What’s Wrong with Using SEO Software?

What’s Wrong with Using SEO Software?

One of the mistakes that many inexperienced website owners make is that they think they can use an SEO software program in place of actual humans to do the work for them. They try to save a few dollars, but they are really just sabotaging their websites and their SEO efforts by using an SEO software program. Here are some problems that you may encounter if you try to utilize an SEO software program instead of a full team of experts like the ones at 314Media.

Nonsensical Content: One of the main problems with SEO software is that it doesn’t necessarily read your content the way a human would read it. The software may use terms that simply don’t make sense in context and this can hurt your credibility.

Low Quality Content: Many SEO software programs simply rearrange some sentences so they pass the test for duplicate content. While this keeps the keywords in the content, it does not maintain the quality of the original articles. The search engines have picked up on this and they now place a greater emphasis on quality content. As a result, it is possible for your SEO software to produce content that will not be indexed by the various search engines because it is not the quality that they are looking for.

Changing Needs: When you hire an SEO firm like 314Media, our experts will evaluate your content on a regular basis to ensure that it is fulfilling your needs and it remains current. We know what it takes to make sure your website is optimized for indexing and we take the proper steps to make that happen for as long as we work for you. That’s one less thing on your mind when you are trying to operate a business. With a software program, you typically have to input most of the data and information on a regular basis which can take time away from other matters.

So why would you buy SEO software when it doesn’t work? Instead, hire someone who really knows SEO and the tactics that will ensure the success of your website. SEO software programs can be expensive and they have too many flaws to be effective and cost efficient for your company’s website. You need real humans who know what is needed to keep your website up to date and relevant. Contact our professional SEO representatives and put us to work for you.