Terms & Conditions

314media delivers invoices by email to the customer for periods of service in advance, and expects them to be paid within 5-7 working days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

We may restrict access to services without warning in the following situations in which the customer should take special care to avoid:

  1. if the customer does not pay an invoice within 30 days of issue
  2. if the customer’s email address bounces critical messages from 314media, or otherwise malfunctioning (particularly if it is marking 314media’s emails as spam)
  3. if a hosting product is causing damage or causing a nuisance to other networks

314media will generally attempt to warn customers in advance of service restriction, but the customer must be aware that it is their responsibility to avoid these situations, and 314media will not take responsibility for the consequences of acting in the above situations.

Customers should expect to receive an emailed receipt for our payment processing system for every payment they have made, and are strongly advised to contact 314media if they do not receive a receipt for a payment that they have made within 14 days.

Design & Development projects typically require a deposit.  314media will invoice for the agreed upon deposit amount before any work on the project is started. Deposits are typically 50% down & final payment upon scope completion. Additional charges and fees may be included to cover extra services not outlined in initial project scope. All charges above and beyond initial project scope will be agreed upon by both parties and a 50% deposit for that feature is made by the client.

Due to the nature of the work preformed; there are no refunds without additional terms specifically outlined in project documents.