SEO Maintenance Package & SEO Maintenance Plans

314media provides a SEO maintenance package that is customized to your website’s specific needs.  We offer packages for clients who are looking to both maintain their current rankings as well as increase their organic ranking on more terms.  Our seo maintenance packages help to keep your website in front of both new and existing customers alike.

SEO is a process. This process takes shape over a long period of time. It takes time to evolve and start showing some results. For genuine, long-term SEO benefits, there are no short cuts. And there is a reason behind it.   The search engines appreciate the effort you put into building unique content. They not only want to present the latest (and relevant, of course) content to their users, they also want to present content that is constantly updated/upgraded. If you were a searcher looking for information on say, Google, would you prefer a page that was created 6 months ago or a page that was created last week?

Our monthly SEO maintenance packages include the following professional services:

1. Rank Monitoring  – Regular movements in your search engine rankings are commonplace.  Positioning changes almost daily. This is due to search engines changing their formulas and competitors trying to get ahead of you. 314media provides monthly ranking reports on where your site is currently ranked for each of the major search engines.

2. Traffic Tracking – It’s essential to know where most of your traffic is coming from so that you can make adjustments to your marketing strategies.  314media will review your statistics to check how much traffic you are receiving, where is it coming from and what keywords are being used to find your site.

3. Keyword Research – You may have high search engine positions for your most important keyword phrases but if you are not receiving any traffic from those phrases, you will need to evaluate the keywords that you have used. Attaining a number 1 ranking for keywords that no one will search for, will not increase your traffic.

4. Competitive Analysis – 314media reviews where your competitors are currently ranked for the same keywords you are using for your web pages.  We check how many competitors you have for each of the major search engines. If there are too many competitors for a particular keyword it may be better to use less competitive keywords for your web pages or use them in conjunction with the most popular ones.  314media will also analyze the link popularity of your competitors to determine how many incoming links they have and what the quality of those links are. You should not link to unrelated sites and ideally link to sites that already attract a lot of traffic.

5. Content Creation – Websites that continuously update their content usually experience higher rankings than stagnant web sites.  New keywords should be researched before adding new content. This will help boost your traffic and rankings because visitors will have more ways to land on your site based on the keywords they entered in the search engines. One great way to achieve this is to add new articles to your site on a regular basis.

6. Copy Analysis – Getting lots of traffic to your site does not guarantee sales. Sales primarily depend on how effective your copy is.  You want to convert visitors into sales.  314media will analyze how your web copy is structured on the page, what words you are using, if it is written for your target audience,  and check for spelling and grammatical errors.

7. Link Popularity – This refers to the amount of other quality web sites that have links pointing back to yours. The more quality links there are, the better you will rank on the major search engines. We research other sites that are related to yours and add or exchange links with them. This may require a links/resources page to be added to your site.

8. Tweaking Code – If visitors are having a difficult time navigating your site, reading the content, or experience broken links – we will repair or tweak the site to make it more suitable for your visitors and to be optimally build for search performance.

We offer an affordable monthly package to help your business optimize your website for search engines.  We have a proven track record of success and are up to date on the latest search engine optimization strategies, procedures and tools.  We offer affordable monthly package pricing at all budget levels.

Our SEO Maintenance Package Pricing

All of our SEO maintenance packages provide a dedicated account manager, transparency, and real time access to an SEO professional.

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Frequently Asked SEO Maintenance Package Questions

What does 314media do to help my website move up?

314media provides a wide array of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services sure to boost your visibility, traffic, and ranking.  We utilize the latest strategies, provide assistance with code and content optimization, and help your business more effectively communicate it’s message to a larger audience.  314media can also provide high quality written content,  on-page optimization, as well as completely optimized SEO website design and development.

A professional SEO company like 314media can do everything from helping you work on your website, rebuild it from the ground up, or simply create interesting articles to post on your website that will be picked up by the major search engines. A reputable SEO company will be able to increase the traffic to your website over time and increase your business’s exposure to a maximum number of customers. But if they make high and lofty promises, choose another company that is more realistic in what they can do for you.

Search engines must be able to find your content presented to them in a clean manor so that they can easily see what you’re offering their customers, that’s where we come in and make certain headers and titles and more are properly presented. It’s critical to develop a clean and consistent internal linking and external linking structure. This is referred to as site architecture, it’s akin to a good foundation for your house. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a house looks on the outside if will crumble from within. We will make certain your site is clean and content is built in an organized and thoughtful manner so the search engines can easily identify that your site is an authority in your companies industry and with a focus on your products or services for sale.

If content loads too slow or the important keywords are not presented the way searchers are looking, you will have a much more difficult time being found or you will waste money as your content will be buried. With good content, it’s not difficult to get your site found and quick. It’s our ability to identify new keyword combinations through strategic research and make better on existing content on the web that allows us to help you capture valuable traffic you will otherwise lose.  We know how people search and have an excellent team of keyword researchers and writers to accomplish this task so you’re not wasting money on content people aren’t searching for. Moreover, our writers are local and native English speaker — and more importantly – the way people search on the internet.

Google and the major search engines love quality content to present to their readers, their success is built on websites like yours. We know how and why websites rank and know how to please the search engines into liking what you are offering. However complex their algorithms may seem to justify ranking one site higher than another for a particular keyword or phrase, they can honestly be dwindled down into just a few major concepts that need to be satisfied – and they will send good traffic and money your way. Making the search engines see value from your site will provide them the incentive to send customers your way. If your site is built or organized poorly, Google will look bad sending their searchers to you.

Search engines also care what other sites link to you, it’s the way Google and other major search engines can determine whether or not other people are talking about your products and services. The more quality links with your keywords that point back to your site, the better ranking the search engines will assign to your site and company. We are creative and have the ability to generate significant organic links back to your site with such things as info-graphics and or contests and various other methods that we can discuss in further detail once we get started. You may decide to hold off on a link building campaign until you’ve established sufficient content and or until your budget permits.

In addition to the above, and more specifically, here’s what 314media will do for your site. We will create new content and build general product and service content as well as Geo-targeted search engine traffic (articles per month depends upon budget and the size of article 400-600-800-1200 words).  When or if you have the ability to expand your budget we can also utilize social media and organic link building where necessary.

Lastly, we will build quality links back to your site where needed for more competitive keywords through guest posting on other blogs and or advertising as needed (and or various other link building methods such as contests and other fun infographics to gain organic link backs that search engines love). We can even manage a Pay per click campaign with Google and other search advertising networks if needed . At the start of each project we provide a thorough site analysis for existing keywords, ongoing reporting against those keywords, and added reporting for newly targeted keywords. You’ll be able to see specifically where you stand on all the major search engines, what we are going to target through the blog and your store with a clear plan before we get started, and you can easily track how well we are doing for you on an ongoing basis.

314media is the St Louis SEO Expert and we pride ourselves on our no-nonsense reporting; simple one time, or monthly retainer billing; and our vast knowledge and experience within the website optimization and search engine optimization industry.  Contact 314media today to raise your website to the top of the ranks with a comprehensive campaign.

How is 314media a different kind of SEO company?

Developing custom SEO packages is what St Louis based 314media does best.  We create targeted campaigns to raise brand awareness, connect with visitors, and raise your organic search rank for a budget that you can afford.  We work with businesses of all sizes and help them to achieve their optimization and search engine rankings goals.

Other St Louis SEO companies may promise you that they can get your website ranked within the top 10 results of a search engine query.  At 314media, we don’t make outlandish promises that we can’t keep. The search engines regularly change their algorithms and guidelines for listing results which makes it impossible to predict how high your website will get ranked. As a result, it is next to impossible for a company to promise you that.

SEO refers to building your website ranks thus generating more quality traffic and customers. We optimize and tune your website through the use of keywords and key search phrases and it takes a certain level of skill and knowledge to do it correctly.  By making your website better – you are optimizing it for SEO.  Increasing the incoming traffic for more search phrases (or raising existing search phrase position to bring in more visitors for existing search phrases).  This is basically what  SEO companies do for your website.  It’s not all cloak and dagger — we’re just building a better website.  Starting a SEO  campaign with a professional SEO company like 314media is sure to improve your website rankings and increase your organic website traffic.

Starting with a regular monthly budget, 314media creates laser targeted campaigns to bring in visitors and increase your website visibility.  We offer affordable packages for all budgets that range from basic search engine optimization to complex link building and page ranking strategy.  Contact us to get started with a risk-free quote to learn how we can help your business increase it’s visibility in the search engines.  y, we can do it all, or you could use 314media as a consultant, where we provide direction and you do most of the work.  Service levels depend on budget.

Getting your web site to show up on the 1st page without spending a dime on pay per clicks is our promise to you.  Our efforts are completely organic and natural search results – and our results are achieved from building and updates to the sites we optimize.  We do NOT pay Google or Yahoo to be at the top of the page or search engine results.

What Are SEO Maintenance Packages All About?

We know it’s important to keep things fresh and target certain terms to increase revenue.  By developing a customized SEO maintenance packages for our clients, we tailor your marketing budget to work for you.  If your company needs an SEO maintenance package that will drive more visitors to your website without using pay-per-click or other cost-per-click campaigns, contact 314media to learn how we can develop a customized solution for your website to bring in more qualified visitors and help to generate more revenue for your business.

Our affordable monthly SEO packages include copy writing, on and off-page optimization, and a comprehensive coding and competitive analysis for your website. If your business needs measurable results from a company that you can trust, contact the St Louis SEO specialists at 314media today. We will develop a custom SEO campaign to fit your budget and gain more natural SEO rankings for your website.

All of our packages include these same features and services; but are adjusted to match your budget and to meet your needs. If you would like to build consistent traffic or simply need a jump-start, contact us with your requirements and learn how we can provide a custom SEO package for your small business.

We have the capability and resources to provide full-service search engine optimization (SEO) and link building campaigns. You will work with industry professionals that possesses world-class knowledge and experience in building the popularity, total visitors and conversions of your website. We are also able to provide many professional references and examples of successful initiatives at your request.

What does a SEO company like 314media do for my website?

A reputable SEO company like 314media will help promote and grow your website traffic  using a variety of resources. For example, social media websites and high quality directory websites offer a great source for expanding your website’s exposure to a larger number of potential clients and customers.

314media has the knowledge and experience to bring your company’s website to the top of the search ranks.  We are located in St Louis and enjoy helping to build brand awareness through organic search engine optimization (SEO) and seo program management.  We offer complete monthly packages to help your website naturally rise to the top of the search engines.  We offer our seo services for just about any budget.

Optimizing your website for search engines is one of the most important things you can do to help your website be found on the internet. Without SEO, you may as well NOT have a website at all…  314media provides both basic one-time St Louis SEO analysis and reporting packages as well as monthly SEO services. We can also offer bespoke hourly SEO consulting services to provide help you get your website to the top of the Search Engines and learn how SEO can be part of your daily or weekly business routines.

If you’re not using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website is getting lost among your competitors. Your website needs to utilize the best possible keywords your customers are searching Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing® for. 314media, located in St Louis, has many years of experience assisting companies with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. We use our proven methods to get your website ranked as high as we possibly can using ethical white hat methods.

314media provides affordable solutions for small businesses that want to expand their reach online. Using the latest in SEO strategies and inbound marketing tecniques, 314media can provide many value added services to help to increase your natural, organic rankings in the top three search engines.

We provide services for both St Louis and around the country. From high competition keywords to small local business and restaurants; 314media will help your SEO rankings reach the top and bring more QUALIFIED organic search engine traffic to your website.

Why does my business need 314media to help with SEO?

Are you looking for a reputable and qualified St Louis SEO company – tired of false promises or little visible work (or increase in traffic)?  At 314media, we are dedicated to our history of excellent customer service and satisfaction.  We strive to be the best St Louis SEO company and want to earn your business by providing more value than our competition.  Our dependable and reliable service ensures your website will be looked after like “one of our own”.  We have years of experience in the St Louis SEO field and have helped numerous clients improve their website ranking through keyword-centered articles and other SEO techniques that help your business compete in today’s marketplace. Whether you have a traditional brick and mortar, or an integrated online solution, the St Louis SEO experts at 314media will help your website move up naturally in the search engine rankings.  You can obviously do these things yourself; it just takes time away from your business.

What do you send over in regard to stats & reports?

Metrics are a great thing – they happen instantly and they also happen over time.  Clients love instant feedback; but with a solid search strategy from 314media,  your website visitors will increase exponentially over time – creating a better website for your customers; and more traffic and leads from your website. 

We use all of the same reporting tools as all of our competitors do (stats, keyword lists, reports with up and down arrows, fancy graphs and charts, etc)  – but our success depends on your ranking position and success the quality of your leads.

If your content campaigns are not generating leads and income; we need to be working around the clock until it does –  not paying a 3rd party to generate a fancy report (with your budget).  We offer a live peek at the traffic 24 hours per day, access to Analytics, Adwords, and other relevant software used to measure your website’s success online. 

Yes – we can even sit down (or virtually) and analyse these fancy reports with you as well.  Contact us to make sense of on-line search and SEO and create a better website with 314media today.

Why should my business choose 314media for SEO?

Starting an SEO campaign with 314media takes the confusion out of all the industry jargon with a common sense approach to building your website in the most efficient and optimized manner possible.  We take ownership of our client’s success and look forward to providing expert SEO services to your business.  We try to be as completely transparent as possible and we want to earn your business by explaining our methods and processes in order for your business to understand how we have become the experts in SEO service in St Louis.

At the start of each project we provide a thorough site analysis for existing keywords, ongoing reporting against those keywords, and added reporting for newly targeted keywords – offered in a clean and easy to understand report for your viewing and subsequent questions. We also offer additional reporting to show you month over month search volume, page loads, unique visitors, returning visitors, as well as keywords that brought them to the site. You’ll be able to see specifically where you stand on all the major search engines, what we are going to target through the blog with a clear plan before we get started, and you can easily track how well we are doing for you on an ongoing basis.

314media not only specializes in creating quality content that you can post on your website, but also provides consulting and guidance to help your website naturally move up in the search engine results.  314media will also provide your organization with informative and easy to read articles that your visitors will want to read. Not only does this help increase in the rankings, but it also makes your website more credible about specific topics.

How Is SEO Done Correctly?

The foundation for a successful SEO program consists of three key building blocks...

* Keyword-rich text. The majority of a site's pages should contain the words and phrases the target audience types into search queries. Pages should appear somewhat focused on these important keyword phrases, and the phrases should be featured prominently on the page. Otherwise, the page won't convert well or receive consistent search engine traffic over time. Keyword research and copywriting for individual HTML tags are a part of this building block.

* Information/site architecture and page layout. Search engines and end users must be given easy access to keyword-rich content. How text, graphic images, and multimedia files are arranged on a page tells search engines and site visitors which content the site owner believes is most important. URL structure and technical architecture figure into that as well.

* Link development. Usually referred to as link popularity, this is the number and quality of "objective, third-party links" pointing to your website. Not all links pointing to a site are objective, third-party links, but those types of links aren't always the most credible.  Basically, this comes down to having relationships with others that allow you to display their link on your page, and in turn give you a nod on theirs.

Obviously, this little list of three things cannot bring you to the top of the heap overnight, but 314media can help you grow your site to adapt to these changes and make your site more accessible to the search engines as well as your customers. Contact us for a free analysis of your website and how to get started on your Search Engine Optimization, at 314media - the St. Louis SEO experts.

**footnote -- this was published as a blog post oin July of 2009 and was originally entitled SEO Building Blocks  -- It's funny how things come full circle. 

How much does SEO cost?

St Louis SEO companies provide several valuable services to businesses that have a website. Some individual services we provide include copywriting, developing and implementing code and plugins, writing keyword-centered articles to post on your website, writing other articles for your website and promoting your website using a variety of other resources.  At 314media, we combine these services together and build a two tiered pricing structure.  We offer the standard hourly consulting rates, and we also offer monthly SEO maintenance packages that include 1 easy payment to include all of our service level options and featues.  Our standard hourly rate applies to all of our services; but bundling services together in a monthly service package allows us to lower the costs and provide more value to you.


When choosing an SEO company, your first consideration should not be their price. You can find several St Louis SEO companies or freelancers that are charging rates far below the norm. One reason for this is because they don’t have the experience that they need to provide effective SEO services for your website. They often don’t know the latest strategies or the methods that work the best to generate traffic to your website. If an SEO company has experience and proven results, their prices are going to reflect that.  Our prices reflect our client’s budgets – just contact us to find out how 314media will employ the latest SEO strategies to increase your visibility.  You may also give us a call to discuss your current marketing efforts and what we can do for your business to increase customers over time.

How long does SEO take?

Typical results can be shown within 3 – 6 months; but you are never under a monthly contract and can cancel at any time. By providing full reporting; 314media will work with you to help to get your website to the top! Contact us for more information; or to receive a FREE consultation/review/analysis of what 314media can do for your website.  314media offers monthly; no commitment as well as quarterly and bi-annual seo packages to raise our clients rankings.  We use the latest in seo strategy while working within your monthly budget.

With that said, sometimes our services usually achieve their initial objectives within 3 months of time; therefore we offer an affordable monthly SEO maintenance package to help you gain ground on your competition while keeping the budget from breaking the bank. We constantly analyze your statistics, rankings, and keywords to keep an eye on potential new opportunities in addition to reaching your goals and objectives.

Following the initial three months; we will re-evaluate our SEO efforts and determine which efforts were the most successful to determine the appropriate next steps for your website.

**Please note these results are NOT guaranteed. If you find someone who DOES guarantee their SEO efforts –I’d refer you Google…   Contact 314media and let us help your business reach the rankings your company deserves from a professional St Louis SEO & web design firm.  We’re affordable and located near St Louis – and look forward to increasing your online revenue.

Building your business in today’s business climate requires proper search engine placement – what good is your website if no one can find it?  Contact the search engine optimization professionals at 314media today and get started raising your rank today!

Why is SEO the best value in online marketing?

SEO provides the highest long-term return on investment of all online marketing methods. Search engines place web sites with the most relevant, trustworthy information at the top of the search results page, where your audience looks first. No matter if someone is seeking legal service or lawn maintenance, a local mechanic, or a flat screen television, the Internet and search engines answer the call. Moving your web site to the top of Google and other major search engines will transform it into a referral-based, lead generation machine.  Smart companies leverage organic search engine optmization (SEO), which is the most relevant form of advertising in today’s marketplace.

At 314media, our SEO practices will help improve your rank among search engine results. We can’t guarantee a “top 10” result but that’s only because that guarantee is virtually impossible. We can, however, provide affordable rates, customized services and knowledgeable staff to help your website become a lead generating machine for your business.

What About Medical SEO or Dental SEO

If your dental practice would like to increase its local exposure on the internet,  it’s in your best interest to hire a dental SEO company like 314media for all of your web design, SEO, and internet marketing needs.

We have a full team of content writers, web designers, SEO experts, and marketing consultants ready to help you get picked up by the major search engines and get your website noticed by more potential patients-- instead of  getting lost in the list of results and becoming virtually invisible on the internet. We offer affordable SEO & Internet Marketing for dentists and dental practitioners and we provide a quality service at an affordable price.  We want to help your business succeed on the internet and will work hard to make sure your dental website is creating new leads and generating new patients for your dental practice.

Our Dental Website is Old & Outdated - Can we even do an SEO or Internet Marketing?

One of the things 314media can do as your internet marketing company is to make your dental website more inviting and more attractive to customers. If your website isn’t inviting or attractive looking, it doesn’t matter how much traffic it gets because people simply won’t be drawn in to your practice by way of your website. We will take the time to make your site look better and more professional as we showcase your expertise in your practice and throughout your local practice area. We know local search; and we know how to attract new local patients online.  A new internet marketing campaign from 314media will help your dental practice reach more of your local target audience - more effectively & for much less than traditional marketing or advertising campaigns.  314media also offers competitive dental WordPress web design & development to leverage the power of the best personal publishing platform for your dental practice.

When we are done optimizing the call to action and graphic elements, and finished updating and re-writing your website content, people will feel comfortable coming to you for the first time for any of the dental work that they may need done.  Patient intake and basic ADA webforms are also available for integration into your website for those who want to use the web for patient pre-registration and basic data collection.  Contact us to learn more about our web design and development services and learn how we can help you to take advantage of our experience to streamline your dental practice business processes.

Our team specializes in medical and dental blogging and content writing, online review and reputation management, and social media marketing. These concepts all work together to increase the success and visibility of your dental practice’s website through organic search engine marketing or SEO / SEM.   These key marketing  components are ideal for keeping in touch with your patients and keeping the local public informed about the latest news about your particular business.   Social media can also help your practice gather patient feedback without being too formal.  Local review sites are critical to your dental practice's success in gathering new prospective patients.

When designed and used correctly, social media and organic search engine optimization (SEO) will allow your dental website to attract patients and build a following that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find with traditional advertising. You can make posts about special deals that you have going on or anything else that your patients would like to know about and it can be seen by thousands of real, local people - in just a matter of seconds.

At 314media, we utilize all of the resources on the internet and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We want to build your trust and confidence when you hire us to create and build  or promote your dental website through our dental SEO services. Be sure to contact our SEO professionals today to find out how we can help you build your customer base through a better online presence.

Contact 314media to learn how we can help your dental practice achieve better online success and build a more effective on-line presence through dental SEO or website design.

Why does my dental practice website need SEO?  What can I do on my own?

For some dentists who are in the beginning stages of building their dental practice, SEO may be the furthest thing from their mind. But experienced business owners know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and the strategies that they utilize. Whether you are a new dental practice or one who has used SEO in the past, here are a few things you should know.

Local Search Results & Keywords are Vital. In the world of dental SEO and websites for dental professionals, keywords are one of the most essential parts of your success. Relevant keywords are what get the attention of the various search engines and your dental website simply cannot compete without focusing on the different ways that people search for your specific services.  It’s important to do the necessary research on the relevant keywords before choosing what to focus you website on. A competent and professional SEO firm like 314media can do that for your dental practice to ensure your website is written to attract new local visitors, is optimized for the different ways that people search, and is correctly configured to ensure success and proper indexing with the most common search engines.

Page Titles Increase Success. Focusing on different ways that people search for your content  is important, but it’s also essential to have a great title for your pages so that people are interested and want to click to read about your dental practice. You only have a few words to get a reader’s attention so adding something to "stand out" will help prevent them from moving to the next website. Titles are also more important because Google has started ignoring meta tags and other methods that some SEO experts have used to “stuff” the websites.  A professional dental SEO company like 314media can help your business create the most optimal titles for your content in order to target the most visitors.

Getting Links is Important. In addition to keywords and page titles, getting links to your website and adding links to other websites will help your pages get noticed by the search engines. The popularity of your website will help determine how high it gets ranked. The only problem with getting links to your website, however, is that it is difficult to get other websites to link to your site. In fact, this may be the most difficult part of integrating SEO strategies into your website.  The professionals at 314media can provide your practice with directory listings, local citations, and other websites that link in to help increase your rankings and build more traffic.  Contact us to learn how we can help your dental practice.

These are some of the SEO strategies that have been proven to be effectivebut they also take many hours in order to achieve a decent ranking with the search engines. But at 314media, we can provide all of this work for you and more so you can focus on other aspects of your business.  Contact our team of SEO professionals so we can get started on optimizing your dental website right away!

The maintenance plan above, including the following steps (in both big and small ways) affect your overall SEO campaign – 314media can help you determine where to focus your efforts and how to help grow your business online.  Attracting new traffic is key; but understanding your website using the information below will help you to find your next direction:

search engine optimization

  • Lots of highly relevant content that is correctly written
  • Quality inbound links from trusted sources
  • One-to-one networking through social media
  • Fully optimized source code & citations
  • Intuitive, obstruction-less interlinking within your website
  • Constant analysis of your search engine positioning & traffic numbers
  • Best in class customer support for SEO services
  • Complete and total account transparency
  • No obligation pricing

 314media can provide your business or website with affordable monthly SEO maintenance package that will take the guess-work out of search engine optimization. Our SEO maintenance package & plans will not only raise you search rank over time, they will also help you to learn SEO and at some point; you will be comfortable enough to manage this aspect of your web site yourself.

314media offers an affordable monthly SEO maintenance plan  for clients at all service and budget levels.  We are experts in SEO and we offer our full range of services to you as a simple monthly package.  We use the latest in web tools to diagnose your site and help to build your organic search engine rank and optimization level.  Our SEO maintenance plans include consulting, keyword research, onpage and offpage SEO and our world-class customer support.  We offer the most comprehensive SEO maintenance services for the price – anywhere.

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